My Story

From the age of 6, I have always known..I was going to go into the wonderful profession of 'Hair & Makeup.'

I studied to become a Master in this profession for my key role was eventually aiming towards teaching.

As a top stylist in Stoke -on-Trent, I travelled to London where I landed a position in Hair Makeup for interesting show work in Hong Kong.

After this contract was complete I moved on to Australia Sydney, furthering my experience in to the world of television and magazine.

After this contract was complete I then went back to the UK to work for Andrew Collinge , where I represented the company in staff presentations and conducted seminars at a local college in Chester. This was also where I began to study my level 4 NVQ.

Once more I was drawn to wards taking my career further afield, which led me once more to London where I joined the P&O Cruises from Southampton on a 3 year tour on board the cruise liners delivering makeup classes, photography and formal night ball attire styles. This took me around the world adding to my experience in the world of Hair art and fashion trends.

Finally I decided to open up a business in Spain Malaga, Arroyo del la miel. From there I decided to work as a freelance Hair makeup artist for various salons in Marbella, and this is where I entered into the commercial world of television shows, pop video clips (Las Ketchup, Dove the Italian artist, Micha Paris etc) and magazine covers. (Allure & Hello) I Stayed 15years.

I moved on to Stuttgart Germany, continuing my work in the field of Hair & Makeup which pushed me into the hectic world of weddings and salon work.

Here I obtained the introduction to my teaching cert AET> Award in Education and Training course.


  • Films
  • Television
  • Video Clips
  • Catwalks
  • CD Covers
  • Publicity & Marketing
  • Catalogues
  • Collections

Training Courses

  • Salon & contract work
  • Basic personal make-up
  • Intermediate personal make-up
  • Advanced personal make-up
  • P.I.C.(Personal Image Creation)
  • In possession of TQUK LEVEL 3 award


  • R&B - Winter Collection 2004
  • R&B - Summer Collection 2004
  • Music video Mica Paris, Black Angel "Carefree"
  • Nicola Howe Jones "You make me laugh"
  • DJ Ely, Kluster "I feel love"
  • Mooney Dove "I'll be loving you"
  • Las Ketchup 'Asereje', Summer 2002, 3rd video
  • Telstar summer 2002/2003 summer CD + R&B Commercial compilation
  • Tango 1997 Fanta commercial
  • One 2 One, Communication United Kingdom
  • Karen Millen/Denise Adams 2002 Marbella
  • Bibliotheca Image 100 London
  • ULLOA, sunglasses summer 2002 Madrid
Specialist Shows
  • Miss Gibraltar 2002 in association with Joico + Friends beauty salon Gibraltar
Champney MV Oriana, Southampton
  • Ocean Cruise Liner: Make-up artist, stylist, photographer- total responsibility for the marketing promotion and business of the on-board beauty services, inc. hair, make-up and photography (portrait and voyage records)
"Andrew Collenge", Chester, England
  • Senior Stylist: Masterclass and stage work Clothes show, Birmingham Professor, Hair College, Prestatyn. Basic and advanced, complete
"Bizarre Hair + Make-up", Sydney, Australia
  • Senior Make-up Artist
  • Lead Professor, academy
  • Contributory Journalist
"Debux 90", Parkview, Hong Kong
  • Premier Stylist, Make-up artist
  • Education and training of stylists
  • Model preparation for international shows
"The Hair Studio", Newcastle-Under-Lyne, England
  • Salon Assistant Manager
  • Artistic team
  • Coulden College, Associated Teacher